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The Barry Simpson Collection

Shipping in the Restronguet area

S1. Sketch of schooner 'William Henry' built by Ferris 1853/4. Letter from Henry Tregonning at Bissoe on 17/06/1854.
"I send you by this post a letter addressed to you by Little John who is quite well and happy. He is here again today and I purpose taking him down to Restronguet to see our new ship this evening."

Little John was twelve years of age and the 'William Henry' was the first schooner to be built for Tregonning, Sampson and Williams by the ferris family. William Tregonning also owned 8/64ths of the barge 'George' (also built by Ferris in the same year). His share cost £40.00 and between 1854 and 1874, he received dividends totalling £61.00. Photo: Carnon Downs Old Cornwall Society.  Photo
S2. John Stephens (born 1821) whose 'Carnon Yard' shipyard (formerly Ferris's) built many local vessels including the 'Rhoda Mary', known for her speed. Photo: Bob Acton.  Photo
S3. The 'Rhoda Mary' entering Newlyn. She was the most famous of William 'Foreman'Ferris's schooners with a reputation for speed. Photo: Ralph Bird.  Photo
S5. 'Erimus' leaving Narabo Quay. She was the most frequent visitor on the South Wales 'run'. (Her last captain was the father of the late Alan Roskilly who formed the Devoran Quay Preservation Society). Photo: Bob Acton.  Photo
S6. SS 'Trefusis' pictured here leaving Fowey was under the same ownership as 'Erimus' and one of the Devoran/Wales regulars. Photo: Ralph Bird  Photo
S7. Railway/barge workers celebrating outside the Commercial Inn (now Old Quay Inn). Some longstanding residents still call the hill 'Commercial Hill'. Back row, 4th from left, is Ralph Bird's grandfather). Photo: Ralph Bird.  Photo
S8. Photo of the 'Erimus'. The best remembered steamer on the Devoran to South Wales route. She appears to be aground off Carnon Mine (with quite a few passengers!) awaiting the tide. Photo Bob Acton.  Photo
S9. A rare photograph of this one-time paddle tug, the 'Pendennis' . Photo Alan Kittridge. ('Passenger Steamers of the River Fal', Published by Twelveheads Press).  Photo
S10. Regulations for visiting ships. Henry Francis absconded with the recently collected tolls in 1849. This function was then transferred to the railway Manager, RT Hall.  Photo
S11. 'Erimus', 'Plover' and 'Trefusis' at Narabo Quay (it kept this name until rail closure since when it has been called Devoran Quay (which was formerly situated at the bottom of Market Street - followed by a Devoran New Quay which was between the two!) Photo: Bob Acton.  Photo
S12. A copy of ore shipments made by Mr. A.C. George. Below - photo of the model of the 'hutches' at work with tops'l schooner (now at Truro Museum) Courtesy of Peter George.  Photo
S13. Photo of vessel referred to in letter (S13a). She is the Tops'l Schooner 'Alice Williams', believed to be named after Miss Alice Williams of Devoran but there is no record of her trading from there. She was wrecked on Skokholm Island in February 1928. Photo: National Maritime Museum. Permission must be sought before publication.  Photo
S15. Captain Charles Trebilcock bringing 'Mary' alongside at Lower Quay, Devoran. Photo: Mrs Jean Lapham.  Photo
S16. The ketch-rigged 'outside' barge 'Shamrock', well known locally and now preserved at Cotehele Quay. The picture dates from 1932. The rotten bowsprit was replaced by mizzen mast when re-rigged. Photo: Mrs Jean Lapham.  Photo
S18. A barge moored in the Perran River. Photo: Miss L Webber.  Photo
S19 Barge 'Maggie'. Captain Joe Nicholls loading stone or sand at Maenporth. Photo: Miss L Webber.  Photo
S20 Plymouth 'Mary' Bringing in limestone rock. Photo: Miss L Webber.  Photo
S21. Ralph Bird at work on his first gig at Carnon Mine in 1990. Photo: Daily Telegraph.  Photo