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The Barry Simpson Collection

Railways of the Restronguet area

R1. Train crossing Brunel's wooden viaduct. Pillars remain today. Photo: Jean Lapham.  Photo
R3. Today's viaduct under construction (believed 1922). Photo: Jean Lapham.  Photo
R4. 'Miner'. Photo: Bob Acton.  Photo
R5. Man in top-hat with dog outside Railway shed/office, Quay Road. Photo: Bob Acton.  Photo
R7. 'Miner' in Quay Road. Driver Edward 'Ned' Webber Miss Lucy Webber's father. The Company's own repair shop had carried out a major re-build and the men were proud of her. 'Miner' was easily distinguishable from the other engines by her 'haycock' boiler and the brass plate commemorating her rebuild at Devoran.  Photo
R8. 'Miner' again with Edward Webber , driver. Photo: Miss L Webber.  Photo
R9. Redruth and Chasewater railway workers outside the workshop (now Village Hall). Photo: Mrs E Nicholls.  Photo
R10. A visit to the blacksmiths. Dickie Palmer (who looked after the ponies) and Preston Davies (blacksmith) with one of the ponies used on the Tramroad. Photo: Ralph Bird.  Photo
R11. Railway repair shop workers. Seated left Henry Andrewartha (the profoundly deaf worker who was the most skilled of the team) Seated right, Mr Tregaskis. Standing right, Preston Davies. Photo: Ralph Bird.  Photo
R12. Miner's sister engine 'Smelter'. Photo: Miss L Webber.  Photo
R13. 'Spitfire', the third engine. Had more troubles than the others. Local boys called her 'The Red Devil', presumably because of her paintwork. Photo: Miss L Webber.  Photo
R14. Area bottom of Market Street. Engine is 'Miner', the longest serving engine. Houses still identifiable: Left Billy Bray's cobblers shop (he made leather seaboots for the sailors). Right - Carclew Terrace. Photo: Miss L Webber.  Photo
R15. Large team of workers apparently engaged in taking up the rails by the 'hutches'. 1915-1916. Photo: Bob Acton.  Photo
R16.Lady standing by weighbridge (Bissoe Road?)  Photo