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The Barry Simpson Collection

Images of the Point and Penpol area

P1. Mill near Penpoll. Photo: Bob Acton   Photo
P1a. Penpoll Corn mill c.1890. Photo: Bob Acton.   Photo
P2. Children on the Green at Point in the early 1900s. Photo: Bob Acton.   Photo
P3. Point Beach and 'Chypit' (corruption of Chycoose where there was a saw-pit?). Photo: Bob Acton.   Photo
P4. Carnon Yard 1900s. Photo: Ralph Bird.   Photo
P5. Point 1907. Note the three chimney stacks, the remains of the lead and tin smelting industries. Bricks from the lead smelter later used for adjacent houses. Photo: Bob Acton.   Photo
P6. Penpoll in Edwardian times. Photo: Royal Institute of Cornwall.   Photo
P8. Farmland at Penpoll. Photo: Graham Crocker   Photo
P10. John Trenhaile's first local bus service at Point. Photo: Bob Acton   Photo
P11. Point 1930. Mr. Trenoweth with barrow.   Photo
P12. Point, July 1938. Photo: Graham Crocker.   Photo
P20. Point Quay and surrounding area. Photo: Bill Marshall.   Photo
P22. Idyllic picture of Penpoll in the 1930s. Photo: Bob Acton.   Photo
P28. Penpoll Boatyard 1950s/ 60s. Photo: Bob Acton.   Photo
P29. Aerial view of Point. Note how the quays have been built out from the natural edge of the creek.   Photo
P30. Aerial view Point & Penpoll, 1960s?.   Photo
P31. An aerial photo from the 1980s.   Photo