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Restronguet Creek Society

The Restronguet Creek resembles an inland tidal lake, where twice every day the tide draws sea water from the Carrick Roads through a narrow gap known as the 'gut'. The Creek itself covers the area of water from Restronguet Point and Weir Point up to the road bridges at Penpol, Devoran and Perran Wharf. The Creek is fed from the Carnon and the Kennal rivers which flow down from the 'spine' of mid Cornwall, through an area of extensive tin and copper mining. During the 18th and 19th centuries the Restronguet Creek was an important industrial waterway, navigable by ships of considerable size, which brought pit props from Norway and Wales for the tin mines of mid Cornwall; coal from Wales for the smelting works at Point, for the railway and mine engines and for people's homes; lime to slake the acid soil on surrounding farmland; and transported copper ore, which had been brought down the Carnon Valley by the Redruth and Chasewater railway.

Over the 19th and 20th centuries the Creek has silted up with debris from extensive mining activity in the Carnon Valley and beyond. The County adit system, which drains the vast area of mineral mining in Cornwall, also flows into the Carnon river at Twelveheads.

Today the Creek is recognised for its beauty, its wildlife and its industrial heritage.

The Restronguet Creek Society was formed in 1972 in order to safeguard these amenities, and to preserve the essential character of the Creek and its amenities for present and future generations. The Society makes any necessary representations to public authorities, industrial organisations and individuals in order to ensure that the creek is not endangered by the decrease of the ebb and flow of salt and fresh water, causing further silting up of the creek; by undesirable shoreside developments; or by other factors, including pollution, which are considered damaging to the preservation of the creek. Also to offer support and collaboration with other areas and associations which have similar objectives.

If you share these ideals, please join us by sending us a completed Membership Application Form.

The Society's Constitution may be viewed here.